Mom's Morning Out

Mom’s Morning Out’s mission and vision is to follow God’s word:

“Train a child in the way they should go, and when they are old they will not turn from it.”
Proverbs 22:6

“Let the little children come to me.”
Matthew 19:14 

The Purposes of our Mom’s Morning Out Program:


o Help each child grow in his/her knowledge of God’s love and care
o Know that Jesus is God’s Son; to feel Jesus is his/her best friend; know ways Jesus helped people; want to be like Jesus
o Know stories and verses from the Bible
o Think of the church as a special place to learn about God


o Promote respect for authority outside the home
o Promote kindness and consideration for others
o Encourage the ability to sit quietly in a group and to be able to share experiences with others
o Help each child learn to work alone
o Help each child to work with others and to cooperate in group activities


o Participate in a variety of motor activities
o Know and follow simple rules of safety


o Help each child in making decisions and carrying out his/her own ideas
o Instill a desire to take care of toys and equipment and to clean up and put away after work and/or play


o Provide a variety of experiences in the learning of concepts such as size, shape, color, sound, the senses, numbers, time and measurement
o Expose each child to the wonder of God’s creations: people, animals, plants, and seasons
o Help each child learn about one’s self, family, community and world
o Stimulate creativity through using a variety of media in planned and free art and crafts
o Help each child enjoy and appreciate music through a wide variety of musical activities


The purpose of this class is to show your child that learning is fun! Through songs, stories and play we work on learning our colors, shapes, numbers and letters. Along with our parents, we will reinforce beginning potty skills.

The objective in this class is to teach children basic preschool comprehension. Letters, numbers, colors and shapes are reinforced through craft projects, songs, discussion, and science experiments. We provide a nurturing classroom that consists of comforting hurt feelings and boo-boos, to embracing each child with endless hugs and high fives.  

The primary purpose of the 4 Year Old Class is Kindergarten readiness. We focus on practicing and mastering preschool skills, so each child will easily transition into Kindergarten. We incorporate both teacher-directed learning, in large and small groups, and self-directed learning, such as center time, into our daily routine. Our classroom provides successful opportunities for young learners in a nurturing, fun and developmentally appropriate environment. A positive experience in our 4 Year Old Program will help to build a solid foundation for future learning.

Contact Information:

Telephone (864) 862-4561
All teachers may be reached at this email address.